M66V Mobile Air Filtration

The model M66V is a self-contained media air cleaning system designed for use in source capture applications where mobility is desired. In Extrusion and Injection molding applications this system is a good choice to roll in place where machine maintenance is being performed so smoke & fumes can be captured at the point where work is being done. The 13 ft moveable arm can be easily swung into position for source capture creating a safer work environment. The M66V can also be used in parts torching and welding operations. 

 The M66 can be ordered in a three-stage filtration configuration which will effectively remove a broad range of airborne contaminants including fine dust, smoke, soot, vapors, mist, VOC’s and more at a rate of up to 2000 CFM. 

Model M66V
Inlet Plenum 6”
System air flow rate, SCFM 2000
Applications Moderate smoke, fumes and odor removal at the source
Filter details 24” x 24” x 4” Merv 8 Pre-filter
24” x 24” x 22” Merv 14 (95%) main bag filter
Optional Upgrades

45 pound Activated Carbon module/p>

Merv 17 (99.99%) HEPA main filter

Mobile on castor wheels for source capture use
Operating Voltage

Includes 2000 cfm blower – choose one of the following system operating voltages

120VAC, 1 ph, 13.6 amps

208 – 240 VAC, 1 ph, 6.8 amps

440 – 480 VAC, 3 ph, 4.3 amps

Dimensions 41”L x 31”W x 73”H
Weight 368 pounds
Catalog# ATS1113
Additional Moveable arm can be subtracted if not required