Customer Testimonials

Louis B. - Industry -Medical Devices
Needed a small furnace to test a new process - Accurate Thermal was very accommodating in assisting with testing and trial runs. We bought the test unit and ended up purchasing a second larger furnace for production scale up which required an accelerated delivery schedule. They kept their commitments and met our expectations. Good company to do business with.
"Highly Recommended"
Dror M, COO - STI Laser Industries, Or Akiva, Israel
The two Fluidized Bath systems (model FTBSL12) are doing an excellent job. Also the particulate collection does very well at maintaining the two Fluidized Bath systems almost dustless. I would highly recommend this product. Your staff should be proud with their performance
"Exactly What is Needed"
Rich - Totaltronics
As a small Manufacture Representative firm in Northern Ohio, (selling into the plastic and chemical industries) your Fluidized Bath Cleaning System gives my customers exactly what they need to safety clean their processing tooling automatically. This frees up the tooling technician to do other jobs while the Fluidize Bath Cleaner is completing its cleaning cycle. We offer our customer two methods of demonstrating how Accurate Thermal Systems works: 1) Sending dirty tooling to Accurate Thermal for free cleaning. 2) Demo system for in plant cleaning/testing. Seeing is believing and after hands on experiences the sale is complete. Both of these methods opens doors to many companies (otherwise closed) to typical sales approaches.
"Improved Cleaning Process"
Peter T. - Medtronic
We started using the Fluidized bed for cleaning extrusion screws about 2 years ago. These have both improved our cleaning process and reduced the wear and damage to these screws over wire wheel cleaning, as well as making this a safer process.
Robert Malloy, Ph.D. - Chairman / UMASS Lowell, Department of Plastics Engineering
The FTBSL6 Laboratory Fluidized Temperature Bath from Accurate Thermal Systems is a great addition to UMass Lowell’s Dynisco Plastics Rheological Properties Lab. It provides a fast safe way to clean small metal parts that get coated with plastic and it is small enough to fit in our fume hood for ventilation. We routinely use the FTBSL6 to clean the retention nuts for our capillary rheometer and melt flow indexers, components for small extrusion dies, and elements for our small twin screw compounding lines. The lab environment here at UMass Lowell is quite dynamic serving both research and teaching needs, and the Laboratory Fluidized Temperature Bath gives us the flexibility to clean small parts quickly and safely during the course of experimentation, which would typically be interrupted by long cycles in a conventional vacuum burn-out oven.
"Happy and Grateful"
J. Xu, PhD; - R&D/Dow Chemical Co.
We sometimes use fluidized sand bath furnaces for fixed bed reactors when the reaction temperature is relatively high and the temperature control is critical. We contacted Accurate Thermal Systems (ATS) when an established vendor failed to deliver high quality furnaces. ATS worked closely with us from the beginning to understand what we needed and modified their furnaces with additional safety features. Furthermore, the founder, Darren Sager, visited us on site to solve a temperature control specification issue. We are very happy with the quality of the ATS furnaces so far and are especially grateful for the technical assistance the company has provided.
Don T. - Die Shop/ Southwire Company
Your new design has made operation of Fluidized Bath a breeze, no adjusting of air pressure! And also the one piece liner prevents Aluminum Oxide from going down into the unit which causes premature life of heater bands. We depend on this unit every day, and we put it through the ringer. Thanks!
"Double Life on Tooling"
Dave B. - Champlain Cable
We love these Fluidized Bath units. Both departments we put these in have reduced time cleaning breaker plates. In addition we no longer sandblast them which will significantly extend the life of these. We estimate at least double the life on tooling. Saving $$$ is what it’s all about!
"Thorough and Quick"
Peter D. - Regional Sales Manager/ Dynisco Plastics
I want to extend my thanks for cleaning the (6) small dies for my lab mixing extruder at your facility. The dies with orifices sized from 3/8" to 1/64" were filthy and clogged with unknown polymers. Your fluidized bath cleaned them to 'like-knew' in under an hour & the dies performed well during a customer trial the following morning. I would recommend Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized temperature baths to all extrusion customers who need molds and dies cleaned thoroughly and quickly.