Mobile air filtration system for the shop floor

ATS has added a mobile unit to its Air Filtration product line. The model M66V is a mobile air filtration system that can wheeled into place to provide source capture of smoke and fumes on the shop floor. Use it for welding operations and for extrusion and injection molding maintenance operations when equipment is being taken apart and smoke needs to be contained to provide a safer work environment. Also a sensible choice to use when purging compound is used. A 13 foot fully rotating and extendable arm can be used to place the hood directly at the point where source capture is needed. The 2000 CFM integrated blower provides plenty of pull to capture everything in the area. Check out the video
The standard unit includes a pre-filter and a 95% main filter. A 99.9% HEPA filter can be added for tougher applications and also activated carbon for capturing VOC’s and odors. Power options are flexible; order it for use on 120VAC, 230 VAC or 480VAC/3 phase. Visit the product page on our website.